Gum Disease Treatment

Gingivitis & Periodontitis

Gum disease in children:

Chronic gingivitis: Aggressive periodontitis and generalized aggressive periodontitis are types of gum disease that occur in children.

Common types of periodontal diseases in children: Chronic gingivitis is common in children. It usually causes gum tissue to swell, turn red and bleed easily. Gingivitis is preventable and treatable with a regular routine of brushing, flossing and regular dental care. Nevertheless, left untreated, it can eventually develop into more serious forms of periodontal disease.

Gum disease in adults:

The simple definition of periodontal (gum) disease is inflammation and infection that destroys the tissues that support the teeth.

Both types of gum diseases are fairly common among adults in the USA, and both can be stopped or their symptoms lessened with effective care.

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